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BWS Germanlingua

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BWS Germanlingua
Bed and breakfast is provided with carefully selected host families, where a twin room is shared with another student of a different nationality. Half-board and single rooms are available at extra cost.

Our shared students apartment with single and twin rooms as well as private studio apartments, both self-catering, are available for those students who would like to be more independent.

We also organize hotel and business apartment accommodation upon request.
If you wish to have a transfer to or from your accommodation we will be happy to arrange it for you. Please click here for details regarding transfer.
BWS Germanlingua
Berlin is not only the capital but also the lively cultural center of Germany. The international atmosphere is comparable to New York or London. Over the last years people from all over the world came to live and work in Berlin: politicians, artists, businessmen, film-makers and writers.

Every year a great number of festivals and parades - such as ‘Carneval of Cultures’ - are filling the streets of Berlin. People enjoy the multi-nationality of Berlin’s inhabitants. Each district is different - in Kreuzberg you can find a lovely Turkish market with delicious food, in Prenzlauer Berg a lot of small bars and at Potsdamer Platz the International Film Festival takes place every year. In numerous museums and exhibitions you can discover the diverse world of arts or learn about the history of Germany. By making a tour through the city you can explore the various projects of contemporary architecture which have been built within the recent years. The surroundings offer various leisure possibilities such as canoeing on the lakes of Mecklenburg or visiting the beautiful castles of Potsdam.
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