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FLS International - занятия
FLS is a leader in providing high quality English language programs to international students. The FLS program teaches you to speak English in the same way you learned your native language - through listening, speaking and doing. Whether you’re looking for an Academic Year Abroad Program, a lively summer tour with surfing, study and sightseeing or a short Intensive English Program to prepare you for college entrance, FLS has the program for you. Our programs are accredited by ACCET (the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training).

FLS International is authorized under United States federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. Start by exploring any of our fascinating locations, or contact us to get the information you need to make the best choice.

FLS International is committed to providing effective English as a Foreign Language education and cultural training to international students and assisting clients during each phase of their educational experience, from their initial entry into the United States to their transfer to a college or university.
FLS Internaciotinal - курсы английского в США
Learning English as a second language is easy with FLS International's intensive English courses. FLS International provides you with a modern curriculum that focuses on English speaking, listening and reading in a supportive learning environment to quickly improve English language skills.

FLS International offers core English programs in 9 levels from English for beginners, to an advanced English course to prepare you for entrance into American colleges and universities. All students at FLS participate in the core program and additional elective classes are available to help you target specific areas for improvement. And all FLS students benefit from FLS International's specialized learning aids including English Everywhere and Language Extension Days.

FLS International has English schools located in America's most exciting metropolitan cities, and many on the campus of colleges and universities. Each of our ESL schools feature modern facilities and easy access to local cultural and sightseeing attractions. Whether you're looking to study English in sunny California, or near historic places and prestigious universities in Boston, FLS has the school that's right for you.
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