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University of British Columbia

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University of British Columbia - добро пожаловать
UBC also requires a minimum SAT or ACT score. While SAT/ACT scores and personal profile questions are required, the primary emphasis in evaluating readiness for UBC is a student’s academic performance. Students interested in Engineering have additional math and science requirements that are outlined on our website.

While the application process can vary by institution and program, academic performance is key and few programs will ask for essays or personal references. Scholarships tend to be merit-based. American students do require a Study Permit, but this is easy to obtain at the point of entry using the Admission documents provided by the University.
University of British Columbia - видео тур по университету
Canadians universities really focus on academic results. After official mid-term transcripts are made available, a UBC admissions officer will calculate a GPA based on the grades earned in ‘senior level’ courses. This could include courses from the first semester of their senior year, Advanced Placement (AP), or similar courses taken in previous years. Cumulative GPA and class rankings are ignored when calculating an admission average.

Some programs (such as Business and Kinesiology) consider extra-curricular achievements and short essay questions as central to the admissions process.”

Stewart Lampe, Recruiter & Advisor – International Students - UBC
Видео о University of British Columbia
The Earth and Ocean Sciences program has three core courses that are designed to integrate the science learned in other courses.

These classes focus on group work, communication skills, and learning the skills needed to design and follow through with environmental science projects.

UBC forestry is the largest forestry faculty in Canada and a world leader in education and research, with an award-winning Forest Sciences Centre.

Canada is well-known for its quality of life. Our cities are clean, relatively affordable to live in, multi-cultural, welcoming, and very safe. And if you are concerned about the cold weather in Canada, you should look at Victoria. We have the mildest climate in Canada and do not have cold winters. The average winter temperature is 43 degrees and we get an average of 24 inches of rain per year, which is lower than most people expect in this part of the World.” Angela Colibaba - UVic
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